What is localisation?

Web and software localisation (also known as L10N) is the process of adapting a web solution or a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market.Localisation

This includes not only the translation of the software or web application (buttons, content, warning messages, etc.) but also the translation of the related documentation. Translation is only a part of the software/web localisation process. The localisation process also includes the adaptation of graphics, proper forms for dates and times, local currencies, choice of colours, phone numbers, and any other culture-specific elements.

Other phases include checking the usability of the UI, as well as online help, warnings and error messages testing. In some cases, a more thorough testing is required in order to ensure that the application’s functionality is retained. This involves writing detailed test scripts for evaluating in systematically each single screen or dialog and the consistency of the command-key sequences.

This is how we work

All translations are carried out exclusively by qualified translators who are native speakers of the target language and who are specialised in a particular sector. When the translation is completed, another native speaker of the target language (with a similar specialisation) proofreads the translation to ensure everything is correct and appropriately rendered. A Project Manager is in charge of the workflow which includes the steps highlighted below.

Translation > Proofreading > Quality ControlTypesetting / DTP

At the end of this process, the translated content and images are ready to be re-assembled into your existing structure. The Project Manager is also in charge of the preparation of translation memories and glossaries to facilitate the work of the translator and ensure terminology coherence.

Translation process

We use mainstream CAT tools (SDL Trados, SDL Passolo, OmegaT, Transit NXT, WordFast Pro, MemoQ) to improve terminology coherence and re-use previously translated material.

star-ts       wordfastlogo_trados

This allow us to import into our system the entire directory of your website or extract the strings to be translated from your software. Identical parts and repetitions are highlighted so that they will be translated only once and then propagated throughout the text.

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