What is SEO?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimisation which consists of a series of techniques for optimising websites and their visibility on the web. The popularity of a page on the web is referred to as Google Page Rank, which can range from 0 (the least popular and relevant) to 10 (the most popular and relevant). There are two types of optimisation of search traffic. One is the optimisation of organic search traffic and the other is optimisation of paid search traffic.

Organic search traffic optimisation

There are 2 main natural ways for increasing organic search traffic, also known as white hat SEO:

1. On Page optimisation which includes:
– HTML optimisation which makes it possible for Google spiders to crawl your pages more easily. This comprises of writing clean html, adding appropriate keywords and descriptions in the metatags, avoiding the use of Flash or too much Javascript;
– Content optimisation which includes presenting well written content that is relevant to the user and using visual aids to complement the content, such as images or videos;

2. Off Page optimisation which includes:
– Creation of inbound links which involves using Social Media and other authoritative websites, fora, or blogs to link to your website, getting listed in directories (Yahoo, Dmoz, etc.), RSS feeds, press releases, affiliate programmes.

Paid search traffic optimisation

SEO combined with Digital Marketing aims to increase the visibility of websites on search engines through the use of Paid Inclusion, i.e. paying for having a site listed on a web database (such as Yahoo), or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Google AdWords makes it possible to create simple and low-cost advertising campaigns which are also measurable thanks to tools such as Google Analytics. With PPC, you are in full control of the campaign, you write the copy, you decide how much you want to spend and you only pay when someone clicks on the ad and visits your landing page, i.e. your promotional page.

Google Adwords

We can also offer Social Media Optimisation (SMO), which is a service aimed at improving your Social Media strategy, which is essential to increase traffic to your website. We provide a tailored website auditing service and reports which highlight the strong and weak points of your website as well as recommendations for improving its design, keywords distribution and content and therefore increase visibility in search engines’ results.

This is how we work

We initially perform an audit of your website using a variety of commercial and non-commercial tools. The audit is divided into on-page audit and off-page audit. The on-page audit is aimed at checking the structure of your website and pages, i.e. how easy it is for Google or Bing or other search engines to crawl through your website and pages. The on-page audit is aimed at checking the quality and volume of the incoming traffic. The result of the audit is a full report where the issues found are highlighted and clear recommendations are provided.

Audit   >   Report   >   Recommendations   >   On-page / off-page changes   >   Monitoring   >   Review

These are our tools

We use a variety of commercial and non commercial tools, which assist us with the initial audit of the website and particularly with the subsequent monitoring of the website’s performance. Our main tool is the SEO Powersuite that allow us to audit the website for issues, track the ranking, check the quality of the links, and check how your competitors perform. You can integrate your Google Analytics account into this tools. Another tool that we use for Social Media Monitoring is HootSuite.






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